Wattage Newsletter - Issue #2 June 19th 2014

Check out what's happening at Wattage this summer!



Welcome to the Wattage Newsletter

June 8th, 2014 we hit one year with our friendly doors open at Wattage!

Wattage has come a long way since we opened our (garage) door one year ago! Folks, much has happened since then and we would like to thank you for all your continued support and hard work making Wattage a success! We couldn't have done it without you! Watch your inbox Saturday morning for details about our ONE YEAR CELEBRATION this summer!! #YEARONE

Remember these bitter cold days?!? Chicago has the most dramatic seasons. Fortunately,  summer in Chicago can be one of the most amazing adventures! Please take advantage of this time of year and get outside and enjoy the weather, lakefront, sunshine, family, and friends! If your have family or friends in from out of town this summer, bring them to Wattage for a Saturday 9am Circuit Training class, or our latest class, 'Shockwave' taught by Jeremy Nash on Tuesday nights at 7pm, or any training session! There is no better thing to share with your friends and families than your healthy lifestyle! Have the best summer, that's what we plan to do! You can sign up online HERE.

Mark with his client Jen having some Wattage style fun!! As you know, one of the best aspects of Wattage is the SUPER personalized one-on-one training available and the intimate feel of our small group training sessions. Clients are always given personal attention and education throughout these sessions to avoid injuries, gain strength, and have fun along the way! If you have a friend or family member who would be interested in becoming a part of the Wattage 'family' please grab a REFERRAL CARD at the front desk! As an added BONUS we will give you a free training session for each person you refer. We would love to see this 'family' continue to grow!
Estelle kicking butt!    You work so very hard every minute you are in Wattage, take the time to rest your body and mind. Massages can be purchased at a package price for current clients! Only offered for a limited time this summer (through August 15th), 60 minute massage for $105 & 90 minute massage for $135!! You deserve it and Abigail and team are AMAZING! 



Starting February 7th of this year, Wattage client Jeremy Nash embarked on a journey to transform his body back to his rugby playing days. He started at a weight of 224 pounds, 42 of which were fat. His overall body fat percentage was 18.8%.We created a macro weekly workout schedule that included, riding on the bike simulator (Computrainer), total body lifts, and complex plyometric exercises. Nash wanted to lose the weight but did not want to lose any overall strength.However, the biggest thing we changed was Nash's diet. YOU CAN'T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET. He stopped eating sugar and refined carbohydrates along with reducing his consumption of alcohol. He increased his intake of vegetables, lean protein, and water.
After a little more than three months on May 17th we took Nash's measurements again. His bodyweight was down to 193 pounds, 17 of which were fat. His overall body fat percentage dropped to 8.9%!"Wouldn't have happened without Aaron, Mark, and Wattage," Jeremy Nash.