Wattage Newsletter - Issue #1 April, 27th 2014

Our first newsletter. Welcome to Spring!




Boutique Personal Training & Massage

Hello and welcome to the Wattage Newsletter. It has been about 10 months since we opened our (garage) doors. We would like to thank you for your overwhelming support. 

To keep this first newsletter short. Here are a few announcements:

  • We now have two massage therapist. The primary massage therapist is Abigaill Savage, who you can contact at abigail@wattagept.com. She is available most days except Wednesdays. Our second massage therapist is David Balquiedra. You can contact him at reliefandrelaxation@gmail.com David is available most mornings and Wednesday afternoons.
    • It is highly recommended to schedule with them well in advance. Rates for massage therapy can be found on our website.
  • We are instituting a new referral program. For each person you refer for personal training you will be given a free personal training session (as long as that person purchases a package). Each additional client you refer you will receive an additional session.
  • Lastly, the new VersaClimber challenge starts May 1st.    (1 minute - as fast as you can go!)
  • Smart Circuit Class is now 9am on Saturdays. First class is free so bring a friend. Class is $25.

Best Regards,

Aaron and the entire staff at Wattage

Mark and his client Jessica showing off the new logo wall!