Post Workout Meal Guidelines

Post workout can be a danger zone when it comes to searching for a dish. Finding an unhealthy option can be easier than finding a meal that will help you not only recover, but make sure that your post workout meal is bringing back the nutrients and more you just burned off. Resist the urge to go to the closest fast food place! Your body is in recovery mode afterward, so you need a meal that is rich in nutrients

Is Craving junk food post workout normal?

Have you ever completed a workout and craved the worst food ever? Remember those chocolate chip biscuits you stashed away in the back of your pantry? Yeah, those.

A new student published in the Journal of Health Psychology found that exercising makes you crave sugary treats.

The reason being that your body is trying to replace and refuel itself in the fastest way possible, which is junk food. It stops the hungry feeling but junk food does not replenish the body in a healthy or efficient way. Ashleigh Brunner owner of Body Fusion in Sydney and Sports Dietician says, “These sugar cravings are more likely to be driven by our muscles’ need to replenish our carbohydrate stores and repair our muscles after exercise. Many desserts are high in fast releasing carbohydrates or sugar which usually isn’t the best quality nutrition but will help replenish quickly, hence cravings!"

Instead of looking for a quick fix, look for a meal that will not only refuel the body of the energy it lost during the workout but find a meal that will leave you feeling satisfied and has nutrients!



Post Workout Guidelines: 

Eating quality food is crucial after each workout! Feeding your body so to speak, so make sure it is getting all the nutrients it needs after a tough workout and to aid the body in the recovery process of returning nutrients back into the body.

  • A handful of starchy carbs [If you're trying to lose weight, this should be the 1 time of the day you should eat starchy carbs otherwise they should all be fibrous vegetables.

  • 1 to 2 palms of protein

  • 1 to 2 fist of Veggies

Post-Workout Meal Options:

The popular post-workout meal is a protein shake or chicken and rice which is boring and provides no taste!

  • Tuna and Crackers: 379 Calories - 41g Protein - 13g Fat - 24g Carbs

    • This is the perfect meal for those on the go or quickly after the gym.

    • The crackers add the needed carbs and help spike your insulin levels to drive nutrients to your muscles.

    • For taste feel free to add pepper, a little extra virgin olive oil, mustard, or even chopped up pickles!

    • Oatmeal, Whey Protein, Berries, and almonds


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Coming in only at 333 calories, this can be a quick meal but also a dish loaded with the nutrients your body needs

  • 51g - Carbs

  • 13g - Protein

Depending on your goals and fitness routine, some dietary needs and ingredients can be changed out for other options. Consult your trainer for a meal plan specialized to fit your needs!

Try meal prepping instead of finding a quick fast (unhealthy) replacement meal!