The Benefits of Foam Rolling

It can be hard to keep up with all the fitness trends. Deciding whether or not they benefit your fitness needs can also be a challenge. Foam Rolling has become increasing popular among personal trainers, physical therapists, and available at most gyms. Foam rolling has always been an integral part of a Client's fitness routine at Wattage.

What is Foam Rolling?

Self- administered myofascial release (SMR), also known as "foam rolling." The self-myofascial release with the foam roller allows anybody to self-massage. This massage offers a release to tight muscles or trigger points. A foam roller is a foam cylinder that probably reminds you of your childhood days with the pool noodles.

What is a foam roller?

Foam Roller

Foam Roller

A foam roller is a foam cylinder on the outside and plastic inner.  There are varying sizes of foam rollers and some even offer different textures on the outer edge.

Foam Rolling Benefits and it's a Must at Wattage

Trainers at Wattage are sure to add foam rolling into Client's routines either as a way to stretch and release the muscles before a workout or make sure Client's roll out after their workout to prevent fascia muscle adhesions and reduce muscle tightness.

1.Daily Fascia Release

Foam rolling relates to the mobility of your fascia, and without proper movement, fibers of fascia can become cross-linked and bind to other muscles and nerves, resulting in pain/soreness or inhibiting in natural motions. Foam rolling can keep the scar tissue broken up within the muscle and fascia allowing for increased tissue extensibility.

2. Increased Blood Flow

When pressure is applied during foam rolling, blood is pushed through various areas of the body. Through SMR or trigger point release you are naturally improving the circulation of blood through the arteries, veins, and capillaries of your body. says,  "when pushes down on the roller, the foam pushes into the muscle and connecting tissue and loosens muscles while stimulating circulation in limbs and other body areas. Areas of the body that receive increased circulation get better oxygen delivery, and can have a rejuvenating effect."

3.  Injury Prevention

The concept of tissue mobility is of even greater importance after injury because new layers of fascia are laid down as scar tissue. Foam Rolling is a great way to make sure you are being proactive about keeping your body healthy and roll out any built up scar tissue, or fascia. If the scar tissue isn't broken up, whether, by foam rolling, trigger point, or massage, this can cause mobility issues and future injury. If you are a runner or work out regularly, it is important to keep your fascia and muscles healthy.

Wattage Offers Foam Rolling

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