Wattage + Performance In Motion!

We’re happy to announce that Performance in Motion (PIM) will be teaming up with Wattage! PIM will provide one-on-one physical therapy in the loft area at Wattage. We’re excited about the union because it has always been one of our goals at Wattage to provide a full spectrum of health and fitness services to our clients. With PIM at Wattage, we’re pleased to include the health benefits of physical therapy to our comprehensive list of services which consists of wellness, training, performance and massage. PIM enhances clients’ movement systems and assists with the full spectrum of rehabilitation and performance. This includes anything from rehabilitating after a surgery or acute injury to simply recovering after a tough week of workouts. Through manual therapy approaches and movement quality focuses, PIM takes the time to deliver special care to each client.

Wattage + PIM

Wattage + PIM

Performance in Motion’s initial schedule will be as follows: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday – 6am to noon with Alexis or Robbie.

*Mornings will be set aside exclusively for current Wattage clients to be evaluated and treated before or after their training sessions.

Email Robbie at robohashipt@gmail.com or call him at 714.625.2026 to set up a session with him or Alexis. To learn more about Performance in Motion, check out their Facebook page.

PIM’s physical therapists and Wattage’s personal trainers will be in constant communication to ensure each client is seamlessly transitioning from rehabilitation/recovery with PIM to performance training on the floor with Wattage. In the same way, if areas of weakness or limitations are observed by a client’s performance coach during a training session at Wattage, physical therapy sessions at PIM can be modified to better target those weak points to get the most out of training.

Movement is a key component to each of us performing at our best and staying healthy on a daily basis. We’re excited about our partnership with Performance in Motion since we’ll be able to develop and deliver tailored training, rehabilitation and performance programs based on each client’s specific needs and goals.