Versaclimber Machine

Clients and trainers at Wattage have the privilege of "enjoying" the Versaclimber machine. It is awkward to use at first, but it is the most effective piece of equipment to boost the cardio portion of your routine.

What is the Versaclimber?

The Versaclimber offers a complete total body workout. This machine enhances cardio by incorporating the entire body through developing strength and development in the core, flexibility, speed, endurance, and power.

The upper and lower body work together in vertical climbing motions. Unlike a stair stepper, the Versaclimber is built to focus on your strength and power to operate. It is the only piece of equipment that utilizes the cross crawl pattern (important in the development of efficient movement from birth).

Adjustments can be made so it fits everybody and fitness routine such as handle height, stroke length, and resistance.  Low resistance makes for a cardio-focused workout. Adding resistance makes the workout focused on strength building and slow controlled movement.

Versaclimber - Video!

Why use the Versaclimber?

Low-impact: With the Versaclimber, you are not pushing off a hard surface such as blacktop or a treadmill. There is ultimately zero impact on your joints, making it accessible to train in any season without the added potential of injury. The climber offers no impact, which relieves the joints. As a result, "it allows a greater range of motion, utilizing push-and-pull movements that work the shoulders, torso, hips, and legs", says Jason Walsh, C.S.C.S.

User-friendlyAs mentioned earlier, it is manually-powered which puts you in control of your own pace with your movements. You can go as fast or as slow as you'd like.

Scalable - made to fit anyone from beginner to elite: Whether it is your first time hopping on the Versaclimber or you are a seasoned "climber"! A trainer can have a beginner start at their own pace and get comfortable first or have an elite such as the Cleveland Cavaliers team go all out for as long as they can.

Versaclimber Work out

Versaclimber Work out

Wattage Challenge!

For the month of June, Wattage will be putting on a challenge for all Clients and Staff!

Challenge: Climb the most amount of feet doing an inverse Tabata!

An Inverse Tabata is 10 seconds full speed on the Versa Climber and 20 seconds off (rest). A traditional Tabata is completed in 4 minutes with 8 rounds in total.

The winner of this challenge will receive a 25.00 gift card of their choice!