Post-Rehab Recovery with Wattage

Wattage works in close collaboration with people who are looking to train post surgery and post-rehab. It can be a long and scary journey with the fear of the possibility of re-injury. Understanding how to work with your body post-rehab and accommodation while training is crucial in regaining strength and injury prevention. Wattage trainers specialize in post rehab training and provide all the tools you'll need on your road to recovery to renewal! Shawna McCann comes to Wattage from a recommendation from her Physical Therapist where both Aaron and Mark worked diligently to help Shawna not only feel confident in her ability to train again but teach the right movements to bring her back to full mobility and strength, if not better than where she was before the injury. Wattage trainers understand that helping a client through training post rehab or surgery; it is key to have a workout routine that can prevent future injuries and give Clients the knowledge they need to train smarter and safer.


Everyone's Worst Nightmare!

If you were an athlete or still are, you have feared that one day you will land wrong or twist wrong and tear your ACL.

Recovery from any ACL injury takes hard work and dedication and depending on the severity it can keep you from ever returning to your sport of choice or as a professional athlete can be a career killer.

It is the most common sports injury. It is important to act fast with an ACL injury with surgery, a physical therapist, or both. For Shawna, she knew that surgery was the only option at a full recovery.

Interview with Wattage Client Shawna McCann explaining the Post-Rehab journey and recovery from a torn ACL:


How long did the doctor say that you would be out [before Surgery and before Physical Therapy? I was back at work in a few days.  Rehab started the day after surgery, and I was in rehab for 8 months.

How did this affect you - besides physically? I had to go to physical therapy 3 days a week, so I had to travel less for work and arrange my work schedule around rehab.  I had surgery in May 2015, so I missed out on most summer activities and events.  The hardest part was mentally staying focused on my rehab and believing that I would one day be able to return to full strength and mobility.

What was it like returning to training from ACL Surgery? It was tough but felt great! It was mentally tough to trust my body after taking so much time off.  After I had completed rehab, I wanted to start training again but was nervous about going back to sports and my prior workout routines.  I was particularly concerned about my upper-body strength, which had significantly diminished during rehab for my left knee.  The place where I rehabbed my ACL Recommended Wattage and working with Aaron and Mark has helped me get into better shape than I was before I tore my ACL.  

How did the injury happen? I was playing in a co-ed basketball league, and during one game I jumped up for the ball and landed off-center, which caused my left knee to buckle and completely tore my ACL.

What do you wish you knew then that you do now from Personal Training at Wattage?

I wish I knew about proper stretching, warm-up, and foam rolling techniques.  I never made these a priority in my training before Wattage. Now that I have incorporated them into my daily training, I am able to increase my training intensity, recover faster, and feel more stable with my left knee.

What did you try before committing to Wattage?

I tried personal training at a chain gym in town.  I was not satisfied with the knowledge, quality, and techniques of the trainers, which seemed to be a one-size-fits-all training approach rather than training that was tailored to my body, concerns (including my left knee), and goals.  Wattage provides the tailored training I was looking for -- and much more.  Aaron and Mark have also helped improve my nutrition and helped me tone specific areas before my wedding.

After working with Wattage, how have you improved physically, or what other things have you noticed since coming to Wattage? I was able to further strengthen my left knee and get back to agility sports and training.  After my ACL surgery, I did not think I would ever be able to have the same active lifestyle. Through training at Wattage, I achieved -- and now have surpassed -- my pre-surgery level of fitness and lifestyle.  I also have regained confidence in my left knee and body, which has been great for me physically and mentally.

How did the recovery process begin? Was it Physical Therapy then Surgery or both at the same time? I tore my ACL in April 2015.  After my diagnosis of a complete ACL tear, I underwent four weeks of pre-surgery PT to strengthen my quad and stabilizer muscles as much as possible.  I had an outpatient ACL surgery and began PT that night after surgery.  I was given exercises to do at home.  The day after surgery I went to formal PT, where I went 2-3 days a week during the recovery period of 8 months.

What was the recovery time after surgery? After Physical therapy? I was in a locked leg brace for six weeks, which I wore all the time -- even when sleeping.  I used crutches to walk for about two weeks.  Gradually I was able to walk without crutches and then was able to unlock the brace and allow slight flexion in the knee.   About two months after surgery I was able to remove the brace and walk normally.  I was able to start jogging at about four months post-surgery and made it up to running at seven months post-surgery.  The stitches came out about two weeks after surgery, but the swelling in my knee did not go down for about two months.  At about 8-10 months I was able to run without pain, but I had some patella tracking issues and overall body weakness from focusing so much on my left knee. I started at Wattage in March 2016, and I think it took until about July 2016 to start feeling really great again overall and with trusting my left knee.

Post-Rehab Training Specialists

Not only has Shawna recovered from her ACL injury stronger than ever, but today you would never even know she was injured. Shawna has been training at Wattage for post-rehab and most recently started specialized training to prepare for her adventures ice climbing and horseback riding in Iceland and trekking ni New Zealand. Shawna is living proof that you can recover and heal from an injury if you work hard and find a team of experts to assist you in the process!

Wattage provides training and post rehab to professionals, athletes, and individuals. Wattage also offers one-on-one physical therapy training through our partner Performance in Motion. Whatever the issues before walking into Wattage, we can guarantee that there will be a perfect training program for you!