Certifications = Better Sessions


Certifications = Better Sessions.

Wattage trainers, Aaron, Mark, Abi and Brittany officially received their certificate of completion for the Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Level 2 this past weekend. Tying in what they had previously learned during their Level 1 CFSC Certification, this training focused on an advancement of education including athlete specific warm-ups, speed drills, medball exercises, plyometrics, and of course strength training. By completing the certificate our trainers will now be able to offer more detailed client demonstrations, providing clear and concise training cues, and offering a systemized approach to programming.

“I really enjoyed learning new techniques to help our clients during their training sessions. Completing the CFSC Level 2 really offers the opportunity to teach trainers how to train in the real world, rather than relying on social media.”

Abi, Personal Trainer at Wattage

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